Vision Zero Cancer holds meetings and workshops to transform cancer from a deadly to a curable or chronic disease.

Here, you’ll find upcoming meetings and workshops.

Documentation from prior meetings and workshops

Dec 18, 2020: Proactivity and prevention in achieving the Vision Zero Följ länk

Improving people’s living habits is a prerequisite for achieving the vision of zero, which is why we gathered a number of actors from different parts of society for a workshop on prevention related to lung cancer.

Dec 15, 2020: How lung cancer can be detected and diagnosed earlier in Sweden Följ länk

The earlier that lung cancer is detected, the greater are the chances of survival. A national screening programme has been brought to attention, but much needs to be resolved before we are there. Around 70 participants met digitally during a workshop on early detection and diagnosis of lung cancer hosted by Vision Zero cancer.

Oct 6, 2020: Lung cancer screening – what are the success factors in the UK? Följ länk

Cervical cancer, colorectal cancer and breast cancer are examples of cancers that are often detected early through screening. It saves hundreds of lives every year. Can screening work for lung cancer? The UK has tested. To learn from their projects, results and thoughts, we met in a digital conversation.