We are going to transform cancer from a deadly to a curable or chronic disease. But there is no single answer as to how. What we do know is that no one can do it on their own. And that we need to think in new ways. Vision Zero Cancer works mission oriented, making sure diverse actors meet so that we together can reorient and adapt for a healthier and more sustainable future.

That is why we have established an innovation hub, which inclusively engages partners from all sectors and disciplines to jointly create the long-term conditions necessary to achieve the vision. This innovation hub is Vision Zero Cancer. Research and innovation must be more quickly integrated into healthcare to benefit patients and society. We want research and innovation to benefit patients and society faster. We’re the bridge connecting patients, healthcare, academia, businesses, and politics all striving for the same goal. That no one should have to die from cancer!

An introduction to Vision Zero Cancer

Vision Zero Cancer

Vision Zero Cancer is a 5-year innovation ecosystem established in Sweden 2019, financed by Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency and coordinated by SIR,​ Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research at House of Innovation. Our objective is to provide a national contact point for system innovation that contributes to reduce the incidence of cancer and to transform cancer from a life-threatening into a treatable or chronic disease in Sweden and globally.

Vision Zero Cancer is one out of 5 mission-driven innovation milieus in health in Sweden. The concept builds on the tradition and success of “Zero Death in Traffic”, a Swedish innovation project launched in 1997 that resulted in a world-wide movement with the same goal and which is widely cited as the inspiration for mission-driven innovation approaches.

An important role to play!

Vision Zero Cancer has an important role to play as change does not happen by itself. Within the innovation environment, we focus on critical enablers such as precision medicine, data and diagnostics and ensure that different types of actors meet and collaborate in new path-breaking constellations and in new ways. We ensure that actions are carried out across the entire cancer spectrum with the vision zero as the common goal to transform the care system in a sustainable, equitable and efficient way.

Vision Zero Cancer Pentahelix Model

Following a classic pentahelix model, Vision Zero Cancer acts as the neutral facilitator which convenes, connects and enables national and international actors from the academic, public sector, private sector and civil society to catalyse concrete actions that lead to measurable improvements in cancer.

If you want to go fast, go alone

If you want to go far, go together

African Proverb

Building a stronger society through innovation and collaboration

Mission-driven innovation facilitates change in complex adaptive systems by convening and enabling a coalition of the willing who share an overarching vision and working principles. In the sense of ‘luck favours the prepared’, missions aim to optimally use as well as create novel opportunities; they thereby combine opportunistic choices within an ontological framework underpinning the overall mission goal. Missions need to ‘build the tracks while driving the train’, this means to develop novel tools and methodology in parallel to driving concrete action towards measurable improvements in cancer.

  • We act as a convenor and catalyst for action to create change in the health eco-system.
  • We provide a North Star, a shared direction to aim for.
  • We enable dynamic and flexible collaboration across organisational boundaries.
  • We contribute to generate renewal of entire system through a mission-oriented way of working.
  • We work with a holistic perspective on health and care in five target areas: prevention, early detection, quality of life, clinical trials and innovation.

From one meeting to system transformation

A group of people with different expertise, but the same goal. The meeting between led to Vision Zero Cancer.

Our story
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Our ambitious vision

No one should have to die from cancer, and more people are gonna live longer and better lives. How will we get it to come true?

How to reach vision zero
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With funding from Vinnova

We get our funding from Vinnova, as a part of their focus on innovations milieus to meet challenges in health care. Vinnova funds and supports long-term, visionary innovation milieus that engage actors across society to jointly make a difference to residents’ health.

Vision-driven health
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Cancer care should be equal throughout Sweden

Regional Cancer Centres exists to make cancer care more equal, accessible and focused on the patient.

Regional Cancer Centres
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