To transform cancer from a deadly to a curable or chronic disease it is crucial to improve the precision in cancer treatment and follow-up of individual patients’ cancer disease. The Partnership for Precision Medicine in Cancer and Vision Zero Cancer are joining forces to accelerate research into precision medicine, with the aim to benefit every cancer patient.

Partnership for Precision Medicine in Cancer (PPMC) is a network to promote Swedish translational research on precision medicine in cancer. Among other things, this is done through creating better conditions and organization for elevating research.

“We are creating a common way of working in collecting samples and clinical data from cancer patients,” says one of PPMC’s founders Tobias Sjöblom, PhD, Professor and Head, Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology at Uppsala University, Director of the Research Infrastructure of Biobank Sweden, BBMRI and Program Director for U-CAN.

Tobias Sjöblom is responsible for the national coordination of the PPMC network. The goal is to be able to include more cancer patients in translational research projects on precision medicine regardless of where in Sweden they live. The aim is also to direct focus externally and find synergies with other actors who share our vision.

To further these goals, Vision Zero Cancer becomes the host for outreach activities and external engagement. Vision Zero Cancer is an innovation milieu Vision Zero Cancer is a Swedish innovation milieu that engages actors across society in strategic actions to work jointly in the mission of eliminating cancer as a cause of death and enable more people to livfe longer and better. As host for PPMC, Vision Zero Cancer will plan and implement outreach activities, develop pathways for connecting other diagnoses in addition to lung cancer to the network and finding models for funding to keep collecting patient samples and enable research.

“We want to stimulate the interest regarding research in precision medicine within industry, healthcare, financiers and patients” says Hans Hägglund, MD, Professor, National Cancer Coordinator and Chairman of Vision Zero Cancer. Research grounded in clinical reality is a step towards no one having to die of cancer.

Together, the two actors will develop a flexible, cross-sectoral and cross-functional model for shared hosting. For seamless integration, Tobias Sjöblom, will become part of the core team at Vision Zero Cancer and the Head of Vision Zero Cancer, Ebba Hallersjö Hult, will become part of the PPMC network’s steering group.


Ebba Hallersjö Hult, Tel. +46 72 711 44 91, [email protected],  Vision Zero Cancer

Tobias Sjöblom, Tel. +46 70 167 90 39, [email protected]

Dialogue improves research

Healthcare has become more and more production oriented. We think that is the wrong way to go. On the one hand, it is difficult for staff to maintain resilient conditions and, on the other hand, the time for research and studies decreases. And research and studies are crucial to developing healthcare and furthering innovation.

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