Impact Innovation: Prevention 360

Prevention 360 is a prestudy by Vision Zero Cancer together with AI Sweden, Informationsdriven Vård, Prevention Barnfetma and Fokus Patient.


The view of maintaining health in individuals and populations needs to evolve; from reactive and general to proactive, precise, and informed. A society that remains in good health by intervening in early tailored ways minimizes the need for resource-intensive health care, as well as freeing up resources of high-quality care for those who need it. 

About the project

Prevention 360 is a prestudy by Vision Zero Cancer together with AI Sweden, Informationsdriven Vård, Prevention Barnfetma and Fokus Patient.

Through a data-driven approach, both individuals and societal actors, municipalities and regions, can act in an informed and proactive manner with targeted interventions to promote health and counteract the deterioration of health, while in parallel giving the individual new ways to take responsibility for their health. This is important for improved health throughout society, both for the individual as well as for societal actors like regions and municipalities and to increase resource efficiency.

With a broad and highly relevant network of experienced and capable partners, and a vibrant scope from clinical needs, research, technology development and implementation in society, we will work mission-oriented and with mobilizing all sectors throughout society.

The national innovation networks together with a patient organization aim to develop the next Strategic Innovation Program.


Prevention 360 is a prestudy from February to October 2023. Project partners: AI Sweden, Nollvision Cancer, Informationsdriven Vård, Prevention Barnfetma and Fokus Patient. The call was funded by Vinnova, Formas and Energimyndigheten.

More about the project partners: AI Sweden, Informationsdriven Vård, Prevention Barnfetma och Fokus Patient.

Vision Zero Cancer are proud to be a part of Community 365

Yesterday Ebba Hallersjö Hult met Mike Morrissey, Chief Executive, European Cancer Organisation & President, European Society of Association Executives, at the EU Beating Cancer Plan and the EU Cancer Mission conference and continued our dialogue on how Vision Zero Cancer can contribute to the Focused Topic Network of the European Cancer Organisation.

Community 365 – European Cancer Organisation

Networks of the European Cancer Organisation. Community 365 provide ideas, guidance, practical support and resources for our work in convening stakeholders and building consensus in the European cancer community.

Policies of the European Cancer Organisation are agreed by our Board after consultation with our Member Societies and Patient Advisory Committee. Community 365 contributors do not have a decision-making role in our policy work. Read more about our policy approval pathway here.   Community 365 also has additional not-for-profit organisations as supporters of our Mission & VisionStrategy and Focused Topic Networks.

EU Beating Cancer Plan Event

“We are very much looking forward to welcoming our colleagues and friends from all over Europe to Stockholm the 31st of January. We will discuss how to most effectively join forces to ensure an effective and equitable implementation of the Beating Cancer Plan and the Cancer Mission all over Europe and beyond to reduce the burden of cancer on our societies”

Cancer remains a major scourge on European Society. In 2020, 2.7 million people in the European Union were diagnosed with the condition, and 1.3 million people lost their lives to it.

In February 2021, the European Commission launched Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. Together with the EU Mission Cancer, it represents a concerted effort across Europe to reduce cancer incidence and mortality and improve the quality of life of its citizens. Since its launch, several milestones have been achieved, most recently the adoption of revised EU Council recommendations on cancer screening. Even considering that health is a competence of Member States, the European cancer plan presents the opportunity to work in a coordinated and synergetic way to tackle the burden of the condition, by offering a framework to support Member

States in their own national cancer control plan implementation. It can also help create sufficient critical mass across the EU to create synergies, enable the sharing of best practices and foster greater equity of access to high quality prevention and care across the EU.

The Plenary session and Break-out session 2 will be streaming live between 13:00 – 17:30!

You can download the program here