At present, the pathological reporting and medical scoring is not structured. That leads to uneven quality and that analysis is not possible. Therefore, templates should be standardized and uniform throughout Sweden. The goal is more effective reporting to registries, to enable further research, AI-solutions, to reduce duplication of work and increase the usefulness of information.

The action will make pathology reporting templates for lung cancer nationally structured and all pathologists respond in a uniform way throughout Sweden. With mapping to SnomedCT, data is going to be easier to analyze and transfer to other systems. The action has three phases:

  1. Preliminary work by pathologists
  2. System development by the Confederations of Regional Cancer Centres
  3. Integration between pathology laboratory systems, the quality register for lung cancer and INCA, information network for cancer care.

Creating structured reporting templates enables quality-assured pathological reporting to be registered nationwide and that these answers can then be used in decision support systems, AI solutions as well as in research to improve diagnostics and treatment of lung cancer.

Vision Zero Cancer is a catalyst and co-financer

Vision Zero Cancer supports the action as a catalyst by bringing together actors for targeted collaboration and co-financing personnel costs for preparatory work and system development for the introduction of a structured lung protocol for pathology, which enables uniform, structured and analyzeable reporting throughout Sweden.

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More about the action’s purpose, goal, impact, deliverables, timeframe, partners and other key players.

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The earlier cancer is detected, the greater are the chances of survival. With new systems and knowledge, we can pick up on symptoms and come to treatment earlier. And get better chances to reach the vision of zero people dying from cancer.

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