A better support for decisions on treatment for healthcare providers, increased influenced for patients, up-to-date data for researchers and systematic quality assurance for cancer care development. The Individual Patient Overview offers many values. Vision Zero Cancer contributes with strategies and ways for implementation.

As an action to reach the vision of transforming cancer from a deadly to a curable or cronic disease, Regional Cancer Centres and Vision Zero Cancer works together to implement the Individual Patient Overview in Swedish healthcare. The aim of the collaboration is to introduce new ways of working, techniques and treatments into cancer care more quickly.

The Individual Patient Overview is a nationally unified infrastructure that collects and illustrates complex data. The overviews gives uniform, structured data about patient care and treatment, which creates more effective patient meetings, better care quality and opportunities for research. Implementing the Individual Patient Overview makes it easier to use oncological data and follow-up new medicines in collaboration between healthcare, academia and industry. The Individual Patient Overview is a pre-requisite for the successful introduction of precision medicine in cancer care.

Initially, patient overviews have been launched for eight cancer diagnoses. The goal is to connect more diagnoses and further developing the established scalable model for structured collection and presentation of clinical data in the field of cancer.

The construction of the Individual Patient Overview began in 2018. The Confederation of Regional Cancer Centres leads the development, which takes place on established registry platforms.

Vision Zero Cancer contributes with strategies and ways for further implementation

Vision Zero Cancer strengthens the external communication and cross-sectoral commitment to accelerate the introduction of the overview and create a solid and innovative strategic direction for its long-term implementation. We do this by strategy-building activities, outreach network efforts, and finding ways for further implementation, financing and management.

More about the Individual Patient Overview

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More about the action’s purpose, goal, impact, deliverables, timeframe, partners and other key players.

Dialogue improves research

Healthcare has become more and more production oriented. We think that is the wrong way to go. On one hand, it is difficult for staff to maintain resilient conditions, and on the other hand, the time for research and studies decreases. And research and studies are crucial to developing healthcare and furthering innovation.

Research, clinical trials and registries
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We contribute to the system transformation of cancer care

No one should have to die of cancer. Moving towards this vision requires innovative solutions and ways of working in several parts of society.

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