House of Innovation in collaboration with the Department of Accounting at Stockholm School of Economics orgianizes two Workshops on Measuring Impact of Mission Driven Innovation Collaborations during this fall.

Private and public organizations increasingly join forces to solve complex societal challenges, such as the challenge to push healthcare towards prevention and personalized medicine.

The question is how to assess what such inter-organizational collaborations accomplish. How can ‘progress’, ‘performance’ or ‘impact’ be thought of in these contexts, where aims are often far-reaching and materializing in the long-term future.

During the two workshops this autumn 2023 where we will explore these issues by discussing how to measure, what to measure, when to measure, and why to measure. These workshops will serve as a continuation of the WS some of you attended at Leading Health Care in 2022.

The first workshop takes place September 28th at Stockholm School of Economics/House of Innovation (9-12). 

Workshop 1

Lukas Goretzki and Roel Boomsma, both researchers with expertise in the area of impact measurement, impact reporting and accountability, will introduce core definitions and models, and engage you in an exercise allowing you to apply insights on your context (Vision Zero Cancer/Testbed Sweden Precision Health Cancer). The following themes will be covered:

  • Introducing core definitions and perspectives drawing on management accounting knowledge and impact pathways knowledge
  • Impact or beyond performance?
  • For whom to measure, and who should measure? (Inside out vs outside in; Upward vs downward accountability; Imposed vs felt accountability).
  • What are you measuring now? Why? And how can impact measurement be(come) more meaningful for steering an organization?
  • Measuring and demonstrating impact
  • Making soft measures hard
  • Examples from NGOs, private sector, social enterprises, etc
  • Interactive part/task

The workshop will be led by Lukas Goretzki (Stockholm School of Economics) and Roel Boomsma (University of Sydney) supported by Anna Essén and Jelena Angelis.


Measuring & Demonstrating Impact by Professor Lukas Goretzki

Measuring & Demonstrating Impact by Dr. Roel Boomsma

Workshop 2

The second workshop takes place in November/December, (date TBD), where Jelena Angelis (House of Innovation, Stockholm School of Economics) will introduce a specific framework for mapping impact. She will run an interactive workshop where you can apply this framework The following themes will be covered:

  • Introduction of the impact pathway tool
  • Charting the pathway for Vision Zero Cancer/Testbed Sweden Precision Health Cancer

Led by Jelena Angelis supported by Anna Essén

Presentations will be made available after the workshop!

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