We have a vision of transforming cancer from a deadly to a curable or chronic disease. Moving towards this vision requires innovative solutions and ways of working in several parts of society.

That is why we have established an innovation milieu, which inclusively engages partners from all sectors and disciplines to jointly create the long-term conditions necessary to achieve the vision. This innovation milieu is Vision Zero Cancer. We will be the catalyst in bringing together patient, healthcare, academia, industry and politics around the same vision.

Research and innovation must be more quickly integrated into healthcare to benefit patients and society. During the first two years, we focus primarily on lung cancer. Which is the most common cancer-related cause of death in the world. In Sweden, nearly 4,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer every year. Almost as many die. By improving lung cancer care, we can save many lives – and to improve lung cancer care, we need to work together.

From one meeting to system transformation

A group of people with different expertise, but the same goal. The meeting between led to Vision Zero Cancer.

Our story
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Cancer care should be equal throughout Sweden

Cancer is the collective name of about 200 different diseases. Regional Cancer Centres exists to make cancer care more equal, accessible and focused on the patient.

Regional Cancer Centres
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With funding from Vinnova

We get our funding from Vinnova, as a part of their focus on innovations milieus to meet challenges in health care.

Vision-driven health
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Our ambitious vision

No one should have to die from cancer, and more people are gonna live longer and better lives. How will we get it to come true?

How to reach vision zero
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