Although many great things has happened in cancer care in recent years, we need even more effective treatments. That not only removes tumors, but that takes on the cancer cells themselves. And gives as few side effects as possible.

With a more targeted treatment, we can improve the patient’s quality of life during treatment. Drugs, immunotherapy, and gene therapy can be keys in an individualized care. But the individualization is equally important all around – treatment, support, and follow-up. What can we do to make the patient feel better during treatment?

Today, about two out of three survive their cancer diagnosis. It raises an important question: What life does the patient return to? There may be side effects from treatment that stay on. Difficulty in movement, fatigue, pain and aches. How do we adapt rehabilitation to the individual, so that they can more easily leave the cancer in the past? 

Vision Zero Cancer contributes to actions with goals to treat cancer and improve quality of life

The rehabilitative society Följ länk

How can rehabilitation reform Swedish cancer treatment and care? Vision Zero Cancer runs an action about science and business development starting in Uppsala region. The goal is to develop new ways of working with rehabilitation in cancer diagnoses, as well as methods for coordination and management to work together with patients and loved ones.