On 14 May 2019, a group of people from different backgrounds and competences gathered. All with a common drive to ensure that many more survive cancer and fewer to fall ill. That meeting was the first step in forming Vision Zero Cancer – a Swedish milieu for system innovation.

Sweden has come a long way in regards of cancer care. In 2009 Sweden adopted a national cancer strategy. The strategy set up six regional cancer centers for fostering development and knowledge in the six healthcare regions. This kick-started the development of more patient-focused, accessible and equitable cancer care. National care programs, standardized care processes, contact nurses, the concentration of highly specialized treatments and new therapies have been developed and introduced into cancer care. But there are still challenges – and opportunities.

When Professor Dr. Hans Hägglund took over as the national cancer coordinator for the Government in March 2019, he saw a need to strengthen cooperation to better integrate cancer research and innovation into healthcare. He extended invitations to the meeting that later became the starting point of Vision Zero Cancer. A meeting between people from different backgrounds and competences, disciplines, and industries. All wanting to move from today’s isolated initiatives to greater cooperation. All driven by the same vision – that no one should die because of cancer and that more people should live longer and better.

16 people from 14 actors applied to Vinnova’s call for vision-driven health:

Do you have ideas that can improve cancer care?

We welcome more stakeholders to engage in Vision Zero Cancer, through collaborations in specific actions and through partnerships. Together we can create even greater benefit for patients and society.

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No one should have to die from cancer

Vision Zero is the long-term goal that no one should die because of cancer. Together we save lives and make sure that more people live longer and better.

How to reach vision zero
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