Cancer is the collective name of about 200 different diseases. They in turn are divided into a variety of subgroups. In Sweden, the most common cancers are prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon and rectal cancer, skin cancer and lung cancer.

Regional Cancer Centres (RCC) work together at national level to create a more equal cancer care in the whole country together with the six healthcare regions – North, Stockholm Gotland, South, Southeast, Mid-Sweden and West.

National cooperation takes place primarily within the group ‘Regional Cancer Centres in collaboration’. The Collaboration Group was formed in 2010 on behalf of the Regional Director. It consists of the six regional RCC managers and the Swedish Municipalities and Regions (SKR) cancer coordinator, who leads the group’s work. Together with the regions, the RCC will jointly implement the purpose of the national cancer strategy, including through the creation of national consensus and coordination of health programs, quality registers and pharmaceutical regimes.

On the RCC website you can find information about different cancer diagnoses and RCC’s mission. If you are a patient or relative, you can get tips about patient associations, collaboration forums or find knowledge about the Patient Act or “my care plan”.

The way forward – RCC’s common focus for Swedish cancer care 2020-2022

Cancer care should be equal and of high quality throughout the country. This goal is part of the national cancer strategy. Therefore, when RCC was formed, one of the missions was that all RCC would set up a strategic development plan for cancer care in each healthcare region. The regional plans describe how the RCC intends to cooperate at national level in different areas, but still with focus on the specific challenges that exist in each healthcare region.

In order to clarify and strengthen national cooperation, the RCC has in collaboration developed a common, national focus for Swedish cancer care that gathers RCC’s positions, goals and activities. The RCC’s common focus is based on the national cancer strategy and the content of the government’s long-term focus on national work on cancer care.

The way forward (in Swedish)

The goal is more equal cancer care throughout Sweden

Together with the regions North, Stockholm Gotland, South, Southeast, Mid-Sweden and West, The Confederation of Regional Cancer Centres wants to improve cancer care throughout the country.

Confederation of Regional cancer centres
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