The way we can save most lives and social resources is by simply ensuring that fewer people get sick. At least 30 % of all cancers are preventable by maintaining good living habits. It could be about getting fewer people to start smoking, and more people quitting. Or about encouraging better eating habits and physical activity.

Improving people’s living habits also brings many other benefits than fewer people get sick with cancer. It reduces the risk of other diseases, increases public health, and brings economic benefits to society by reducing the cost of care. The problem is that people know that they should not smoke, that they should eat well and that they should move. Only information does not bite. So how do we change people’s behavior?

Vision Zero Cancer contributes to actions with cancer prevention goals

Dec 18, 2020: Proactivity and prevention in achieving the Vision Zero Följ länk

Improving people’s living habits is a prerequisite for achieving the vision of zero, which is why we gathered a number of actors from different parts of society for a workshop on prevention related to lung cancer.