Fewer people shall get ill and die from cancer. For that to work, we need to think in new ways. Both in terms of developing new solutions and getting better at using what is available.

Many good thoughts and efforts already exist – Vision Zero Cancer wants to be the point of contact, a catalyct platform where everyone can gather. From behavioral scientists and app developers to public health specialists, doctors, and nurses. Here we gather to find together the solutions that change cancer care.

Vision Zero Cancer has identified five different areas that need renewal. The areas are not mutually exclusive, rather closely intertwining. Three deals with the patient’s time in care – prevention, early detection and diagnosis, and treatment and quality of life – and two are about what surrounds this process – research, clinical trials and registries, as well as organization, economics and ethics.

A lot of cancer is preventable

A third of all cancer is related to living habits. This means that one third of all cancers are preventable. And if fewer people get sick, we reduce people’s suffering, increase public health and save society’s resources. The only question is how.

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How do we detect cancer earlier?

The earlier cancer is detected, the greater are the chances of survival. With new systems and knowledge, we can pick up on symptoms earlier and more quickly come to treatment. And get more chances to reach the vision of zero people dying from cancer and more people living longer and better.

Early detection and diagnosis
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Better treatment, better lives

Chemotherapy also gives way to healthy cells. We want to find more precise treatment, focusing on the goal and on providing as little side effects as possible. Both during and after treatment. Because it is not just about survival, it is about continuing to live.

Treatment and Quality of Life
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Dialogue improves research

Healthcare has become more and more production oriented. We think that is the wrong way to go. On the one hand, it is difficult for staff to maintain resilient conditions and, on the other hand, the time for research and studies decreases. And research and studies are crucial to developing healthcare and furthering innovation.

Research, Clinical Trials and Registries
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Is it possible to innovate the organization?

Queues, complicated booking systems and tight schedules. Sweden’s cancer care is under pressure. To make the situation better for both staff and patients, we need to find ways to organize and use resources smarter.

Organization, economics, and ethics
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