Information about the actions carried out by Vision Zero Cancer that contribute to the system transformation of cancer care.

Shared hosting for Partnership for Precision Medicine Följ länk

PPMC is a virtual centre for translational research in precision medicine for cancer. The goal is for samples and data from cancer patients to be collected and stored in a nationally structured manner and made accessible to physicians and researchers. Vision Zero Cancer shares the hosting with Uppsala University and will coordinate and strengthen external communication.

Collaboration around the Individual Patient Overview Följ länk

A better support for decisions on treatment for healthcare providers, increased influenced for patients, up-to-date data for researchers and systematic quality assurance for cancer care development. The Individual Patient Overview offers many values. Vision Zero Cancer contributes with strategies and ways for implementation.

Ways to detect cancer in primary care earlier Följ länk

How can primary care detect lung and colorectal cancer earlier? GP’s and PhD students Elinor Nemlander and Eliya Abedi are on a mission to find the answer to this. Vision Zero Cancer and AstraZeneca is co-financing their research.

Structured pathological reporting in cancer diagnostics Följ länk

To improve the quality and possibility of analysis, standardized templates for reporting in cancer diagnostics should be developed. Vision Zero Cancer functions as a catalyst for the action, by bringing actors together for targeted collaboration and co-financing cost of personnel for preparatory work. The action focuses on pathology for lung cancer.

The rehabilitative society Följ länk

How can rehabilitation reform Swedish cancer treatment and care? Vision Zero Cancer runs an action about science and business development starting in Uppsala region. The goal is to develop new ways of working with rehabilitation in cancer diagnoses, as well as methods for coordination and management to work together with patients and loved ones.

PhD student research: Cross-sectorial Innovation Management Följ länk

PhD student John-Erik Bergkvist at the Stockholm School of Economics will monitor Vision Zero Cancer as a researcher. His process study will lead to a more knowledge-based innovation work for cancer care in the future and provide insights about what makes actors get involved in new and broader ways of collaborating.