Better precision in cancer treatment and to make it easier for doctors to follow the development of a patients’ cancer. That is what PPMC will lead to, by collecting and storing samples and data from cancer patients in a nationally structured manner. And to make the information accessible for physicians and researchers, so they are able to evaluate long term effects and side effects of different treatments.

PPMC is a virtual centre for translational research in precision medicine for cancer. By eventually achieving better precision in cancer treatments and making it easier for doctors to follow the development of individual patients’ cancers, a Swedish strong network – whose goal is to introduce precision medicine as a concept of treatment – helps transform lung cancer from a deadly to a curable or chronic disease. New knowledge may lead to new therapies for better clinical outcomes and better resource utilization.

Vision Zero Cancer is responsible for coordination

Uppsala University and Vision Zero Cancer shares hosting of PPMC since 2021. The purpose of shared hosting is to accelerate the introduction of precision medicine as a concept of treatment in Swedish cancer care. Uppsala University is the programme office and supports the collection of samples and data within PPMC together with regional nodes across the country. Vision Zero Cancer is the coordination office and strengthens external communication, realizes synergies with other ongoing efforts and attracts funding and research furthering inclusion of more cancer diagnoses.

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Dialogue improves research

Healthcare has become more and more production oriented. We think that is the wrong way to go. On one hand, it is difficult for staff to maintain resilient conditions, and on the other hand, the time for research and studies decreases. And research and studies are crucial to developing healthcare and furthering innovation.

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We contribute to the system transformation of cancer care

No one should have to die of cancer. Moving towards this vision requires innovative solutions and ways of working in several parts of society.

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