To drive innovation, develop new medicines and develop healthcare, it is absolutely necessary to do research. Both for the patient journey and the organization around. However, the number of studies is decreasing, and research is often isolated to specific areas or instances.

By creating space for dialogue and improving opportunities for collaboration in research, it is possible to accelerate development. With increased cooperation, laboratory findings are made faster to test in reality. And research can be conducted that follows the patient instead of the profession.

Many people think of research as laboratories, test tubes and safety goggles. And that’s in part what it might look like. But it may also be about analyzing data in existing registers and finding hypotheses for new research. Can we improve this treatment? The person who often visits the health centre, does he or she belong to a risk group? Does the right patient get the right drug?

Vision Zero cancer contributes to actions within research, clinical trials, and registries

Shared hosting for Partnership for Precision Medicine Följ länk

PPMC is a virtual centre for translational research in precision medicine for cancer. The goal is for samples and data from cancer patients to be collected and stored in a nationally structured manner and made accessible to physicians and researchers. Vision Zero Cancer shares the hosting with Uppsala University and will coordinate and strengthen external communication.

Collaboration around the Individual Patient Overview Följ länk

A better support for decisions on treatment for healthcare providers, increased influenced for patients, up-to-date data for researchers and systematic quality assurance for cancer care development. The Individual Patient Overview offers many values. Vision Zero Cancer contributes with strategies and ways for implementation.