Rehabilitation should consist of healthcare and other actors building a health-promoting life with the best quality of life, together with patients and their loved ones. In order to reach this, there has to be new ways of working with rehabilitation in cancer diagnoses, as well as methods for coordination and management that allows patients and loved ones to perceive that they have one partner and point of contact.

Starting with lung cancer, the action will change and renew the view of how rehabilitation can become a platform for developments around self-care. New working methods, system developments, digital rehabilitation centres and educational instruments are examples of expected results. The focus broadens from survival to people living sustainable, long and healthy lives.

The action is developed over four years. The work will be disseminated and scaled up nationally and internationally.

Vision Zero Cancer runs the action in an ongoing development at Uppsala University Hospital

The action is run through Vision Zero Cancer and is integrated into an ongoing development of cancer rehabilitation run at Uppsala University Hospital together with Uppsala region, Uppsala municipality, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and the Employment Service. Gradually, additional financiers and actors are being linked to the action, such as culture and citizen organisations, sports associations, schools and business. The project has an outset in lung cancer.

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More about the action’s purpose, goal, impact, deliverables, timeframe, partners and other key players.

Better treatment, better lives

Chemotherapy also gives way to healthy cells. We want to find more precise treatment, focusing on the goal and on providing as little side effects as possible. Both during and after treatment. Because it is not just about survival, it is about continuing to live.

Treatment and Quality of Life
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We contribute to the system transformation of cancer care

No one should have to die of cancer. Moving towards this vision requires innovative solutions and ways of working in several parts of society.

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